frequently asked questions

What is the cost for tryouts?

 The cost is $40.00    (Returning athletes $25.00) 

Is there any other cost I need to be aware of?

 Typically the choreography is scheduled a few weeks after the teams are assembled. Be prepared to pay the first choreography installment payment of approximately $300. 

What are the age requirements?

 Ages 3 -18   (Must be 3 years old by June 1, 2020) 

Ages 19  (If you were born between June 1, 2001 - December 31, 2008 you are eligible)   

What do I need to wear?

 Typically athletes wear a sports bra, spankies, no show socks and cheer shoes. A t-shirt, shorts, capri leggings or tennis shoes will be fine as well. I would not rush out to buy cheer shoes because I am sure a certain kind will be required for practice. 

Do I need to wear my hair a certain way?

 The easiest and fastest is just a slick back pony tail. This keeps all hair out of your face. 

Do I need to bring something to drink or eat?


You are welcomed to bring a bottled water or sports bottle. We recommend you write your name on either one. We also have water fountains and water dispensers for your convenience. We do not allow food on the floor and tryouts are typically 2 hours long.

Will my parents be able to stay and watch?


 All tryouts are closed.

Will I be allowed to carry my cell phone?


 Cell phones will be turned into the front desk and returned to you after you have completed your tryouts.  

Will there be any judges?


  Modern American Cheer staff will be evaluating all athletes and assembling all teams.  

When will we find out if we made a team?


  Depending on the number of athletes and teams that are assembled, we should have the results posted by midnight.  .  

What if I do not make the team?


  We try our very best to assemble the teams without having to compromise the age divisions we compete in. 99% of the time everyone makes a team.